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Deliver in-app Messages & Notifications, Collect Emails, Collect Feedback, Leverage Social Proof and Reduce Customer Churn, at scale
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A Complete Platform Engineered for Growth. Notifia is the easiest way to grow your Online Business, we empower thousands of businesses across the globe with the latest tools & technologies to drive ROI and supercharge growth.
Acquire & Activate
Supercharge your customer Acquisition with Notifia. Collect Emails, Engage with Visitors, Reduce Checkout Abandonment and Schedule Demo's at Scale. Build on-site marketing campaigns that drive conversions with Notifia.
Social Proof
Email Collection
Automated Demo Booking
Checkout Abandonment
Onboard & Nurture
Engage with visitors at scale with Triggered in-app messages. Get users to the "Ahaa!" moment quicker than ever before with our kits designed to make user onboarding a breeze.
Automated in-app Messages
Triggered Videos
Onboarding Checklist
Notification Bars
Monetize & Upsell
Increase Revenue for your Platform, upsell existing users to yearly plans or higher tier packages, trigger failed payment notifications and host Invite Only Sales to harness the power of exclusivity.
Upsell Customers
Failed Payment Notifications
Invite Only Sales
Engage & Retain
Reduce Cancellations by 41%*. When a customer goes to Cancel, trigger an off-boarding campaign that delivers targeted offers related to the prospects frustrations to reduce churn & collect feedback.
Churn Reduction
Integrated Support
Invite Only Sales
Referrals & Growth
Let your customers do the marketing for you. Host Invite a friend referral campaigns, host Giveaways and promote Social Sharing to attract new customers on Autopilot.
Invite a Friend
Social Sharing
Host Giveaways
Content Lockers
Collect Feedback and advanced insights from your users. Trigger Exit Intent Surveys to find out why your visitors aren’t converting and what can be improved and build NPS campaigns for valuable customer insights.
Collect Feedback
Exit Intent Surveys
NPS Scores
Collect Reviews
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Event Driven Marketing.
Still sending the same generic content to all your visitors? Utilise the full-power of Data and build Event Driven Marketing Campaigns to your user at Scale.
Advanced Triggers
Visitor Segmentation
Behaviour Driven Marketing
14-Day Free Trial - Conversion Increase Guaranteed - 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee
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Triggered CTA's
Deliver triggered CTAs on Time Delay, Exit Intent or Scroll % to Drive Traffic to Signup, Purchase a Product or read your latest Blog Post.
Schedule Demo's
Invite visitors for Demo's, Meetings, Onboarding Sessions and Webinars on Autopilot. We'll help to fill your Calendar with engaged leads.
Automated Onboarding
Trigger on-boarding sequences to visitors to boost Activation metrics and deliver an awesome User Experience to your Customers.
Exit Intent
Trigger Exit Intent Email Collection, Discount Codes, Special Offers and CTAs to Reduce Cart Abandonment at the Critical Moment.
Survey Visitors
Survey your visitors, find motivation for purchasing and Reduce Churn by delivering special offers to your users before they cancel.
On-Click Triggers
Integrate via JavaScript and add event triggers giving a seamless integration to your app.
Countdown Timers
Add Countdown Times & Content Lockers to help grow your email list on Autopilot.
Video Notifications
Trigger in-app Video Messages to educate your users, and deliver integrated onboarding experiences.
Unlimited Campaigns
That's right, Install Notifia on Unlimited Campaigns and Unlimited Websites, we won't stop you from growing!
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