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Notifia is on a mission to empower 1 Million Website with Honest, Powerful Marketing Tools. Here’s what our Customers Have to say
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“I’m really impressed with how this app is evolving. Nathan has been really receptive with community feedback, adding lots of user suggestions to the current app, plus has created a roadmap based on this feedback. Compared to other FOMO apps, I would say the biggest differentiator is the direction this is going, and I’m glad I got in at the “ground floor” so to speak, as the current app is great, but once the user suggestions within the roadmap have been implemented it will make it world class 😊”
“This is definitely one of the best investments I’ve made in a LTD in a long long time Party because of the platform, but mostly because of you and your awesome support and speed of adding new things to the platform. You’re doing an amazing job dude! Keep it up”
Rahul Lakhaney
“We had recently signup with Notifia for one of our customers eCommerce website. We have liked the product, further @nathdigitech & team has been quiet responsive when it comes to support & made decent upgrades in last thirty days. 😊”
Amit Jain
“I just bought it. Very happy with the tools that can replace a a lot of tools like FOMO, Emojis, Use Magnify, Exit Intent, Coupons, Lead Capture, pop-ups and lots more. Good support, Nathan is very serious about, an ambitious startup, I will use it everyday, for every project and every clients. Must have! ”
Jose Gil Dieguez
“Super nice tool ! More customization could be great but it’s already in the pipe and they are working fast & well ! 😊 Super reactive team by the way !”
Geoffrey d’Halluin
“Amazing support with amazing software”
Tomek Moskalski
“I love the platform so far”
Drew, MS Concepts
“Rated Support as Excellent 😍”
Juan Colome
“I think the Notifia Team has hired Flash! They are launching and developing features superfast!"
Ranjit Shah
“Rates Support as Amazing” 😍
Masa Tamaoki
“Rates Support as Amazing” 😍
Punto Rosso
“Rates Support as Amazing” 😍
Mark Colgan
“Rates Support as Amazing” 😍
Ben Stockdale
“Agreed, highly recommend! Already Implemented on our PayByShare”
David Tkocz
“Ok, I already Started loving Notifia 😊”
Hugo Sanguino
“Rockstar Customer Service rom the Notifia Team ”
Raj Esh
“appreciate your outstanding support 😊”
“Yeah thanks - I love how quick it is to sort I also use autopilothq - they have heads up display, but they’re pretty clunky and slow to perform yours is very quick!”
Pete C
“Just keep being awesome 😊”
Simon James Rowe
“Congratulation on the lunch @nathdigitech ! Awesome tool!”
Denis Shershnev
“Great work! This is a great tool and it has been managed well. I would recommend it.”
Monica Thompson
“Amazing. I think this is very helpful. Keep it up & go ahead.”
David Epps
You’re the best! This is the sickest tool!”
Rinze Kooistra