Engage, Convert, Retain.
Notifia offers a suite of 30+ tools helping you Engage, Retain, Convert and Optimise Growth throughout your Website & Customer Journey.
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Increase Website Conversions
Social Proof Feed
Display real-time Conversions & Activity on your website as Social Proof.
- Increase Trust, Authenticity & Sales
- Automatically Track, Sales, Signups & Opt-ins
- Achieve up to 300% uplift in Conversions
Grow your Email List
Email Opt-Ins
Build a list of Engages Newsletter Subscribers, with our Opt-Ins & Lead Magnets
- High Converting, Clean Designs
- Advanced Behaviour Driven Triggers
- Translates to Visitors Preferred Language
Increase Trust & Conversions
Verified Reviews
Automatically promote real reviews from Facebook, Google, AppStore, Capterra, G2 Crowd and more
- Powerful Conversion Uplift
- 1-click Integration to source reviews
- Filter Negative Reviews
Onboard, Educate, Sell.
Triggered Videos
Video is the best performing content of 2019, engage, educate and convert visitors.
- Sell, Onboard & Support Visitors
- Behaviour Driven Triggers
- YouTube, Vimeo and Loom
Increase Brand Awareness
Click to Tweet
Embed Quotes, Statistics or anything else into your blog posts
- Increased Social Shares
- Boost Brand Awareness
- Grow your Social Audience
Increase Engagement & Conversions
Call to Actions
Promote Special Offers, New Product Launches or your latest blog post
- Engage Website Visitors
- {firstName} Personalization
- Reduce Bounce Rate
Capture more Leads
Lead Bots
Lead Bot will send targeted, behaviour driven messages and deliver leads straight to your inbox!
- Operates 24/7, 365
- Higher Conversion than Forms
- {firstName} Personalization
Fight Checkout Abandonment
Promotion Card
Trigger a Promotion Offer when a user abandons during your checkout/signup flow
- Increased Conversions
- Exit Intent Triggers
- Recover Lost Sales
Promote & Upsell
Product Promotion
Easily setup and display New Products, Features and Sales Promotions in minutes.
- Increase Product Sales
- Launch New Products
- Upsell During Checkout
Collect More Leads
Lead Generation
Convert Anonymous Website Visitors into Subscribres, Enquiries and Leads
- Collect More Leads
- Grow your Mail List
- Behaviour Driven Triggers
Collect More Leads
Lead Generation
Lock Premium Content, Features and Pages. Give access in exchange for a share on Social Media.
Engage & Communication
Website Messages
Deliver on-site Website Messages to engage, educate and on-board your website visitors.
- Engage & Educate Visitors
- Make Announcements & Updates
- Audience & Behaviour Targeting
Segment Visitors
Yes / No Cards
Engage, Survey and Segment Visitors with simple (but powerful!) Yes or No Cards
- Engage Website Visitors
- Segment based on Response
- Behaviour Driven Targeting
Increase Conversion Rates
Exit Intent Surveys
Understand exactly why users aren’t converting, and let them tell you how to increase conversions!
- Understand what’s stopping users buying
- Extremely useful insights
- Retarget Survey Responses
Engage Website Visitors
Call to Action
Promote New Features, Blog Posts or invite visitors to a Call or Webinar
- Flexible & Powerful
- Engages Visitors 24/7
- Behaviour Driven Targeting
Onboarding & Engage
Onboarding Cards
Onboard, Educate and Engage with Welcome Messages and Videos
- Educate your New Visitors/Users
- Embed directly from YouTube
- Target New Website Visitors
Onboard & Educate
Engagement Hub
Display Help Docs, Announcements, Updates or Add Custom Links. Easily accesible Hub, within your Website
- Integrated Customer Support
- Promote Social Media
- Add Custom Elements
Reduce Checkout Abandonment
Checkout Abandonment Recovery
Let Arnold reduce your checkout abandonment (or add your own image!)
Integrated Support
Support System
Add a Support System within your Website or SaaS Platform
- Integrated Support
- Send to Department
- Simple, Clean Design
Promote Yourself
Profile Card
Add a Personal Touch, promote yourself on your blog or integrate ‘Account Manager Support’
- Promote Social Media
- Add Calendly or Call Links
- Build you Personal Brand
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Schedule a Call
Let customers book in calls seamlessly with you Sales or Support Team
- Automatic Lead Generation
- Sell & Support Visitors
- Integrate to CRM or Call System
Promote Reviews
Review Sticker
We Automatically detect reviews on your Facebook, Google, App, Capterra and G2 Crowd Page
- Automatically Detect Reviews
- Increase Conversion Rates
- Instantly Increase Trust
Engage & Direct your Traffic
Call to Action
Drive Traffic to any page you want, Blog Post, Webinar, YouTube Video, Product
- Promote Anything
- Add UTM tracking
- Simple, 30 second setup
Referrals & Virality
Viral Waiting Lists
Add Virality into you app, allowing users to get early or exclusive access, when they invite X friends.