About Us

Hey I'm Nathan, CEO at Notifia. I just wanted to give you a personal welcome and let you know a little bit about what we do! I'm an Entrepreneur, Online Marketer and get my hands dirty with a little bit of code. I also travel full-time and run a few other businesses and small projects on the side.

Notifia is a suite of tools designed to drive Growth for Online Businesses.

Pretty much all of us have tools plugged into our websites for a variety of purposes. Optin Monster to collect Emails, AddThis for Social Media Shares, Intercom Engage for Automated Messages, LessChurn to reduce Customer Cancellations, UseProof for Social Proof, Qualaroo for NPS scores and Feedback, Appcues for on-boarding. The list goes on...

The reason we use and pay for these tools, is they are quick solutions and they are very effective. However, it's not a perfect solution, we have too set up and manage multiple platforms, integrations, have our data spread across multiple apps which is pretty messy. Not too mention, for an early stage startup or Bootstrapped Business, it's far from cheap. I don't think it should be this complicated when all we really want to do is use tools to grow our Businesses.

This was the exact motivation behind Notifia. I decided to build a platform that offered all of the tools I needed in my arsenal to boost Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention, and Referrals from one app.

Now, to tell the truth. Initially I was going to keep this tool internal and use on my other projects. However, I soon realised literally every other Internet Marketer in the world has the same problem. Who wants to spend $500+ per month for all these tools? When they could just purchase a subscription at 1/10th of the cost and manage everything from one hub? So that's the story of how Notifia was born, since then our mission has been simple.

"To Empower Entrepreneurs & Online Marketers with the tools they need to Grow."