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A complete walkthrough of the Notifia Platform, Tools, Features, Use Cases and More!
What is Notifia?
Notifia is a suite of the world most popular website marketing tools, brought together and offered form one platform at a fraction of the cost.
How much is Notifia?
Notifia is Free for 1,000 Notifications per month! You can upgrade to premium plans from $9 for higher traffic limits and to remove branding.
Who is Notifia for?
Notifia can deliver value to any website! eCommerce, Bloggers, SaaS, Agencies, Lead Pages, Services, Courses - you name it!
Does Notifia affect Website Performance?
Notifia is built with performance in mind! We wait for your site to render before sending any requests, and we have the fastest script in the industry.
Do I need a Developer to Setup Notifia?
No, Notifia is built with non-technical marketers in mind. As long as your can copy and paste, and click a mouse - you can setup Notifia in 5 minutes.
Can I cancel a Subscription?
Of course! you can cancel anytime, just visit the settings page in the Dashboard and hit cancel - no need to reach out to support!
How does Notifia Increase Sales?
We use multiple Website Widgets that Increase Trust, Leverage FOMO and Implement Social Proof, all proven tactics to Increase Conversions.
I have another question?
Great, reach out to our support team anytime! We will be happy to answer anything to help you get started with Notifia!